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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in learning more about Dominating your market.  One of the biggest struggles we face running a successful practice is marketing. Dominate Chiromarketing evolved because I have heard the new patient struggles of my chiro brothers and sisters for many years.  I want to help!  In order to build your practice and maintain it, you will need to Dominate your market.  The best way to do this is to implement several streams of marketing and develop them until they WORK!  My most successful strategy for generating a SOLID STREAM of good quality New Patients has been marketing and connecting to MD's.  I have mastered this and want to share these strategies with you.  In addition, I feel that connecting to MDs has the potential to move the chiropractic needle and help create waiting list practices for our profession!


The important thing to realize about marketing is that involves hard work, consistency and PASSION!  

"If Chiropractors can learn and implement effective marketing strategies into their practice, then they can practice from a place of confidence versus scarcity.  One of the most successful streams of marketing I found is to build solid relationships with MDs.  This is one of the many systems that I have mastered over the past 15 years in practice and has enabled me to build an abundant, stable practice. Not only will this help your practice and the patients, but will help BRIDGE THE GAP within our professions!"

Dr. Nicole D. Lindsey

Your MD Marketing Coach

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